Tecam, founded in 1989, operates in primary, process and waste water treatment field, in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the experience acquired in application of a wide range of technological solutions for depuration of different industrial cycles’ water, Tecam is able to design processes of treatment fitting each peculiar need.

In evaluation of each case, Tecam pursues the following goals:

  • identification of the solution more suitable for particular requirements;
  • supply of high quality technologies and products;
  • recovery of water and, if possible, byproducts.

The always increasing technical development due to continuous innovation characterizing also environmental sector, makes compulsory the mastery of specific expertise both for processes definition and products realization.

Tecam satisfies these needs making use of:

  • high professionalism human resources for problems analysis, treatment processes choice, projects management, before and after sales consulting;
  • partnership of high specialized companies.