Tecam operates in the field of the treatment of primary, process and discharge industrial water. It studies solutions that combine the application of the best technologies available in the market (BATEA) with the needs of a rapid Return On Investment, promoting the circular economy principles.

Definition of treatment process

In order to design the best water treatment process, Tecam finds to define the equilibrium between:

  • investment costs;
  • operating costs;
  • reliability of the process;
  • high quality of the product.

The development of a commission proceeds following these steps:

  • vision of the productive cycle (Tecam considers very important the cooperation with the different suppliers of a production line in order to guarantee to the customer a system fully integrated in the industrial cycle);
  • collection of the data sheets of the products used in the working line;
  • physico-chemical analysis of samples of liquid picked up during the survey (in case of already existing systems);
  • test with pilot plant for the check of the process feasibility;
  • definition of a suitable treatment process using the best technologies available in the market;
  • check of the compliance of water treatment process output with discharge limits established from laws of different countries;
  • forecast of recycling of water and recovery of subproducts and secondary raw materials whenever is possible;
  • realization and installation of the plant;
  • putting in exercise of plant and training of the customer about its use;
  • technical assistance in order to attend the customer to a correct and sure management of the supplied plant.

Feasibility studies

Tecam offers its consolidated experience for the environmental consultancy at the plants of the customers, in order to execute detailed studies of technical-economic feasibility – confirmed by physical-chemical analysis of liquids samples, ROI calculation, pay-back and eventual test with a pilot plant, that reduces the error risks of the final installation.

Planning and supply of systems

When the succession of treatments is defined, Tecam predisposes an pre-installation visit where, with the customer the more appropriated location for the installation is defined and the survey of the data of the users and lay-out of the place are taken, defining therefore eventual infrastructures to realize.

Thanks to our planning study we can define plants and lay-out of plants defining the better solutions holding always present that:

  • The positioning of the several sections of plant
  • The respect of the spaces of maintenance and emergency to the aim to concur an easy use of the plant
  • The compactness of the plant, optimizing the areas of the plant dedicated to the treatment
  • Best installation logic in relation to the spaces and general indications of the customer.

Turnkey plants

The turnkey solutions allow the customer to have a single point of reference in every phase of development of the production order, from the water treatment process design to plant installation, from the starting to the technical assistance in and outside warranty. Having a single interlocutor is of extreme interest for the customer who doesn’t want the increase of the coordination management of the several suppliers and the risk to make errors of methodological setting.