The company management has long consolidated experiences with beyond 25 years, everyone of activity in the specific field. The direction has competences in several fields, for example in economic, legislative, of process and product, marketing field and in the sphere of the market to the highest levels of the world of the treatment of industrial waters. From 1995 the direction, composed from 3 administrators, collaborates together consolidating operating, tactical and strategic methodologies that allow Tecam to obtain interesting results in the international market.

Board of directors

Vincenzo LongoPresident
Born in 1958. President of Tecam Ltd. Industrial Chemist and MBA. He has founded its first society in 1978 and directed several companies in the field of the industrial water treatment. As businessman of the field and having covered several assignments in operating multinationals in the environmental field, he has acquired a strong experience in the management of companies in start-up phase and consolidated presence on the market too. He knows the European, USA and Far Eastern industrial waters treatment market very well. From 1989 he covers the position in the company and works with other companies of the field. Beyond having analogous assignments in multinational corporation, quoted on the Stock Exchange and managed from investment trusts, he has acquired and sold several companies of the field with success.
Renzo GaratoVice-President
Born in 1952. He has a twenty years long company experience in the field of the industrial water treatment. The long experience, the technical baggage, the multiplicity career actions make him a true expert in the definition of the treatment processes. He has realized many conferences, consulting and seminars in the field of industrial water treatment that have made him famous for the process innovation. The methodologies of rigorous approach to the specific problematic , sight the experience, allow the company to face many complicated process thematic . He knows the North European, East European and Italian industrial waters treatment market very well.
Matteo BiasinTechnical Manager
Born in 1973. Senior Chemical Engineer, with many years of experience in paper and cement industry and wastewater treatment fields, from 2014 is the Technical Manager of TECAM. He coordinates the engineering and production activities of the company, supervising the development of projects – from feasibility studies, to definition of processes of treatment, until to plants installation – in all their aspects. As Quality Control Responsible, guarantees achievement and maintenance of production standards established from company management.


Tecam Ltd occupies operating technical staff in the chemical field, environmental, biological and with competences in the field of the energy and economy.

Our team is formed from qualified persons to which wide autonomy is given in the business function that they cover.

The dynamic context of the today’s market previews the ” lean organization” more and more strongly. The Tecam with the job in “network” is surely in position of leader for this business model and offers to its staff the possibility to cooperate with the other companies of the group using its experience and professionalism.

We consider the team one of the more meaningful business resources to which we give the best of the instruments for being able to operate and to form themselves. The strong will of the management in wanting to operate in the foreign markets previews that in phase of selection the staff comes selected with “skills” adherent to international context, to which it comes offered the possibility to a professional growth. In Tecam Ltd the career possibilities really exist.