Business Profile

Tecam Ltd boasts of a twenty years long experience in the field of waste and primary industrial waters treatment. Thanks to its engagement in the search of solutions more and more innovative, it guarantees to its customers high-quality water treatment systems with optimal results also in the more difficult situations.

Tecam Ltd has put right several processes for wastewater treatment with traditional or innovative techniques like: ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation (hot water, steam, mechanical recompression, heat pump), ion exchange resins, SBR, MBR, UASB, granular mud, adsorption, centrifugation, etc.

The water treatment market 

According scientific researches, in the next years global water demand is expected to growth remarkably and many countries, for the most part the Middle East ones, will have to face situations of water shortage. Given that it is a limited resource, a reduction of consumptions and an efficient use, as suggested from international organizations, can help to avoid its squandering. Sector studies forecast indeed a good future trend of market of equipments for wastewater treatment. Systems designed by Tecam represent a convenient solution both form environmental and economic point of view, allowing the recycling of treated water and the recovery of subproducts. The partnership with Sogesca, an Energy Service Company, adds value to process definition, through devices aimed at a lowering of energy consumptions.

System Integrator

Tecam avails itself of collaboration of partners who guarantee to the customers high professionalism and experience. The group of societies making head to the same property realizes a turnover of beyond 25 million euro per year.

The development of the company

                Foundation of Tecam Ltd.