Tecam offers to his Customers a complete service for the management of the waste water treatment plant, taking advantage of microbiological and/or chemical-physical valuations of the effluent to treat that guarantee to achieve the treatment aims fixed with the Customer. In order to verify moreover the feasibility of a treatment and the collection of quantitative sure data, Tecam uses pilot plant for its tests. Tecam offers the possibility, in case of customer demand , to install near the customer a pilot plant for the test directly in native place of the kind of treatment.

Liquids analysis

The liquids characterization is indispensable in order to acquire the information necessary to the definition of a row of treatment adapted to the aims agreed to catch up and to guarantee the treatment yields. The samples are analyzed from laboratories that, connected to Tecam, are credited and certified according to the norms. The samples must reach Tecam in conditions of absolute safety, adopting shipment modalities that are consistent to requirement previewed from the norms for the transport of the dangerous liquid goods and with the relative information about to the safety and movement. Particular attention must be dedicated for dangerous liquids to which norm ADR is applied.

Test on pilot plant

The advantage of this phase of management of the plan is the certainty of feasibility of a treatment and the collection of quantitative sure data. This guarantees the choice of the more suitable process to the specific case. Thanks to the use in real conditions of job it is possible moreover to obtain the sure information on yields, performance, levels of maintenances, use of chemical products etc Tecam offers the possibility, in case of customer demand, to install near the customer a pilot plant for the directly test in native place of the kind of treatment.

Laboratory equipments

TECAM for the analyzes avails itself of the solid collaboration of connected certificated and credited laboratories that have a last generation instrumentation and that are in a position to executing the following analysis:

  • Microbiological/ chemical-physical determination on waters destined to the human consumption.
  • Microbiological/ chemical-physical determination on waste waters.
  • Microbiological/ chemical-physical determination on food.
  • Microbiological/ chemical-physical determination for the classification of refusals.
  • Microbiological/ chemical-physical determination on lands/compost-produced amending.
  • Qualitative- quantitative determination of asbestos in materials and environmental samples.
  • Valuation of the air quality in job atmospheres.
  • Valuation of the presence of pollutants in atmosphere emissions.

The execution of the tests has place with the instrumentation aid subordinate to maintenance controls and calibration respect of the criteria imposed from the Quality System.

Some examples of instrumentation are the following:

  • “Purge & Trap” techniques and “Space of Head”, ATD400 SYSTEM. Thermal desorption
  • Gas-chromatography with MASS-detectors
  • Graphite furnace atomic absorption Spectrophotometry
  • ICP atomic absorption spectrophotometry, preconcentration
  • Liquid chromatography with fluorite-meter, Uv and DAD detectors
  • Visible UV spectrophotometer
  • Sample preparation. Kjeldahl Unit of distillation
  • Conductivity-meter and ph-Meter
  • Elementary analysis, sample preparation
  • Microwaves technique Furnace
  • Muffle furnace and furnace
  • Analysis of combustion smoke and environmental Samplers, optical microscope with phase contrast
  • FT/IR – Spectrophotometry
  • Optical microscope with phase contrast

Liquid analysis


Service water

Cards of emergency

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TECAM for its analysis is connected to credited laboratories. SINAL accreditation involves the verification of the technical competence relative to the credited tests and of its Quality System, in compliance with the prescription of the norm – UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General requirement for the competence of the test and calibration laboratories”