Technical assistance

To completion of the putting in exercise of the systems, Tecam offers to its Customers, a careful and complete technical assistance service to the aim to guarantee the optimal management of the entire supplied plant. Thanks to our specialized technicians with wide technical experience, it is possible to give a fast assistance to the Customer for an immediate resolution and if turned out necessary a timely intervention.

The qualification of our assistance staff is extremely important for Tecam, our technicians serves the customer to 360° guaranteeing optimal performances for:

  • Electromechanical assistance
  • process assistance
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Replacement parts

Electro-mechanics assistance

Our specialized technicians are in a position to supplying a first telephone assistance, verifying if the problem is immediately solvable. In contrary case an intervention comes quickly organized.

Tecam proposes a preventive programmed maintenance contract just for the prevention of emergency situations that cause the stop of the plants with the consequent arrest of the production. Our technicians everyone with its own competence can be of support with expiration programmed visits agreed with the Customer, guaranteeing the good functioning of the plants and the support above all in the initial phase of starting.

Process assistance

Process assistance: Definition of the process control parameters. Our process technicians will be able to follow the yield of the treatment in the phase successive to the starter and to help the Customer to put right the entire treatment system in tuning to the production functioning, to the aim to optimize those specific management parameters for every single case. Tecam advises an agreed program of assistance that can hold the operation of the plant to the maximum of its potentialities, with the periodic taken of samples to analyze in order to verify that the job conditions are constants in the time.

Preventive maintenance contracts

Preventive maintenance contracts: Tecam previews assistance contracts “customized” for every specific requirement and guarantees technicians with specific professionalism to the service of the Customer. The final aim is to accompany the customer in the optimal management of the system and to guarantee a technical support in order to prevent breakdowns or malfunctioning that could compromise or stop the production.

Spare parts

Spare parts: every equipment part is codified. The main spare parts of every device are listed in plant documents and made soon available.

The Customer who has need of spare parts can transmit to Tecam its code and follow the standard procedures in order to receive it.