The putting in exercise is a consequent aspect to the sale of the good supplied from Tecam and presupposes that the sale phase has been carried out in professional and competent way. For this reason all the contacts with potential customers come followed only and exclusively from qualified staff and that is in a position to defining the correct technical-economic solution. Professional figures that we define in company Senior Technical Sales Engineer.

The aim already in analysis phase of the customer needs is the definition of the more suitable solution characterized through the more appropriate processes and products that gives corrected equilibrium between investment an operational costs .

To the definition of these aspects, of extreme economic importance for the customer the company staff is to the best levels of the market. The range of the plant technologies of Tecam is most complete in the market of industrial waters treatment.

Tecam, pays attention to the several phases previewed for the putting in exercise of the plants. It thinks that every phase of the putting in exercise goes accurately completed, to the aim to deliver to the Customer an high quality product.

Just Tecam operates following these job phases:

  • Pre-installation
  • Installation
  • White starting
  • Starting with solutions
  • Training of the customer
  • CE Documentation declaration



Pre-installation: arrangement of the proposals of lay-out plant, which come subsequently estimated with the Customer in order to proceed therefore to the construction of the several plant sections.


Installation: Delivery and assembly of the supply, with the checking of a supervisor of our company.

White starting

White starting: Finished the assembly of the plant, connected with the several users, it is possible to test the hydraulic and electromechanical part using water. All the systems come tested in white before the starter with solutions, in order to guarantee reliability and safety. During this phase it comes been involved the customer staff who then will take care not only of the management but also of the electrical, hydraulics and chemical process maintenance, to the aim to begin a substantial formation of the conductors and plant maintenance operators.

Starting with solutions

Starting with solutions. Successive phase to the white starting with positive outcome. The production will send to the treatment sections the solutions that will come therefore treat from the plant. It will be possible to capture samples for the final control and to control the productivity of the single system sections in order to verify the conformity to the previewed process. The customer subsequently to the starter will be able to take advantage itself of the staff for the technical assistance also for the chemical and electromechanical process.

Customer training

Customer training. Tecam holds as determining this job phase therefore during all he phases of preparation and starting of the plant the responsible for Tecam yard follows the training of the staff. To the end of the formation the Customer is in a position to managing the system at best and in any case he can count, also finished the jobs of our competence, on the assistance of our qualified technicians.

CE Documentation Certification

Certification CE and Documentation. Writing of an adapted complete documentation of P& ID, for the corrected management of the plant in its every part. This documentation is inserted in the technical handbook of conduction and maintenance where the information relative to every single section of the plant are collected. With the documentation the declaration CE/PED and how much other that certifies in compliance with of every enforced norm in matter comes attached.